I'm a quick study, proven by my track record in multi industry subject matter expertise. I thoroughly enjoy learning product and service deliverable,  helping the client or customer to understand the value and benefit.

     I can take complex information and make it easy to comprehend. I enjoy building long term business relationships with my Clients in order to be able to thoroughly understand their product or service, and become a part of the team in delivering compelling, alluring content. My Certifications include:

  • Florida  License in Massage Therapy,

  • Hypnotherapy,

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer,

  • Health & Wellness Coaching


     Over 20 years experience in both Allopathic and Osteopathic Healthcare,  as well as Premier Customer Service Consultation, Expert Applications Support, Project Management, 
and Corporate Training in Healthcare IT.

     I am the author of the self published work "Deliberate Serendipity."
I personally enjoy spending time with my family, meditation, teaching, crossfit, biking, stretching, writing, and deep discussion on all things unconventional and extraordinary, as that has been the experience.

    I have both Published and Self Published works on a variety of topics, and areas of Expertise include:

- Health, Fitness, and Weight loss, Personal Training,
- Self Development,
- Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy,
- Technical Writing/  Corporate Training,
- Healthcare IT Implementation, and Project Management


(352) 942-2001

MA62497                                                                                                         MM39882

(352) 942-2001

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