Heather is a Transformation Specialist,  helping you find the tools that resonate with you for your transformation...

find self healing through massage therapy and other forms of bodywork,  transformation and hypnotic coaching, energy work, or sound balancing with sound frequency...
Or even just through her words. 

Heather's Certifications include Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Personal Trainer and Health Coach, 

Ordained Minister and student of Divinty Studies since 2011
Reiki Master Teacher Certification, channeling energy with intention for 20 years.

Heather Barrington IS NOT A  Therapist, Nor is she a Licensed Medical Professional of any kind. 

Her Coaching is NOT intended, nor should it be used in replacement of Medical Advise or consultation.

Please seek Medical Attention if you are in need of Therapeutic assistance. 

Individual Results Vary

All professionals recognize that it is impossible to guarantee human behavior change.


​©2016 Heather Barrington
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