Allowing the Flow

Allowing the Flow

Today, I will allow the flow of energy through my physical body.

I will notice where it goes and where it wants to stop.

I will notice the smooth flow and the stubborn stagnancy.

I will physically MOVE when the energy wants me to move.

If I listen, I will know this.

I may even Move just to see if my energy flows or rejects that movement.

In my awareness to this energy, I will be able to reflect on where else in my life I am allowing flow, and where there is stagnancy.

As as within, so is without.

I realize that I am in my awareness, and that these messages are here for me whether I am keen to them or not.

I realize that only in my attention to myself may I be present and true to who I really am.

I realize that only when I am true to who I AM can I experience Joy

Only then can I allow the true flow of energy from and through me.

Only then can I experience allowing the flow.


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