What is "Energy Work"

Is Energy work for the mystics? Why do so many people talk about how good energy work can feel?

Energy is absolutely everything. Quantum Physics , by dictionary definition, is a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles. This Energy based theory will tell us that that which we perceive as "nothingness" is always something, and that thoughts (energy) precedes occurrence and physical manifestation.

At the base of all energy work is self healing. Energy work is technically an offering of channeled energy from source. We are all energetic beings, attempting to have an amazing experience in the physical here and now. Mindfulness and Meditations can help us to become more aware in our day to day experience, but as energetic beings, we carry around Cognitive Imprints that we have accumulated over our years in life. These are the basis from which we choose our thoughts, behaviors, and reactions to the stimuli in our experience.

Once we give credit to the fact that our emotions (energy in motion,) and our thoughts are the actual creation of our experience, we can then begin to take responsibility for the energy that we carry. We can then begin to take responsibility for the conditions we find ourselves in.

Energy work begins with the Practitioner, or the "giver" tapping in, tuning in, turning on, or simply just "ALLOWING" an amplified connection to source. Once the connection has been established, and clean pure energy is flowing profusely through the vessel, it is then offered with intention to the receiver. This can either be accepted by the receiver or not accepted. Energy work is never "DONE" to someone. It should always be an offering with benevolent intention.

Click here for an explanation of the Chakras, or energy centers in the body.

See the video below for an in depth look.


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