Energetic and Transformation Coaching

Energetic and Transformation Coaching.

What does that consist of actually?

An Energy Catalyst has many tools in their belt to assist with transformation. The first step is in observation of where the client IS RIGHT NOW. We do not "Heal" You, You are capable of healing yourself. We help to remind you of the way.

This is the way, and the only way, to determine the road map or energetic pattern to where we desire to be. This doesn't just hold true for manifestation. (Which we can also address)

It holds true for everything.


For Moving forward,

For Social Experiences

For Spiritual Experiences

For Physical Manifestations in the body

For Gain, For Loss (as they can be equally beneficial.)

For Empowerment

For Peace

For Ease

For Feeling better

When we have blocks or stagnance in our field we are unable to allow the flow That is where the dissonance occurs. Like 2 Strings vibrating at inharmonious frequencies.

Dissonance creates stress and illness.

Your Coach can help you determine the kink in the hose consciously (through verbal coaching ) or even unconsciously (through Energy Work such as Reiki ,and or hypnosis,) to help guide you back to your power.

Your coach is that place where Physical meets Metaphysical. Where "Woo" Meets "Reality"

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