Finding Balance in Chaos

In today's general consensus of the "rat-race," it can be extremely overwhelming.

First, Let us separate the two, Spiritual Experiences, and "Earthly" Experiences.

Then, we will unify them. They in fact are not separate, but it sure as Hellinski can feel like it most of the time when we are doing things that we don't necessarily want to do, or when all we want to do is find the feeling of peace and expansion, and all we can notice is noise and tension. When we feel that we are wound so tight, we cannot seem to find the ability to unravel among the chaos.

Spiritual experiences are often viewed as miraculous and awesome. But how to we bring that woo woo feeling into the everyday madness?

Truth be told, the most spiritual experiences are induced by being fully in the present.

That connection will immediately bring serendipity and grace.

As all ancient traditions will show us, our ancestors knew very deeply, that the feeling of unified oneness, of meditative peace, of heightened vibration, and of heart coherence are not something that we do, it is something that we become.

When a child is born, they are born with the remembrance of the utmost infinite wisdom, so much more than we could ever imagine they remember.

In the west, Spiritual practice is something that we do.

In other areas of the planetary grid, the spiritual practice is something we become.

When we speak of meditation and being in the now, we speak of bringing our awareness into the present. Western culture teaches us consistently to look outward for the answer to everything. This not only leaves us consistently looking for answers, but it leaves us with too many answers. We suddenly experience paralysis by analysis. We are also conditioned to seek outward for the way, as though there is a right or wrong way. There are certainly different ways to do anything, and the universe meets us with that way when we ask, through the crack of least resistance, presenting us always with the next best step for us.

So when we are in the office, in a job we can't stand, in a stressful situation in which we wish we could remove ourselves, our first instinct is to feel the pinched off feeling of not being present. The escape of the mind to not want to deal with what is happening. We have bills to pay, we have created situations for ourselves in which we dwell currently. Though the unfolding of new situations from the energy of now is inevitable, they are not yet here. All that is here is the now, and the reaction and the responsibility of now. There are ways to accept the response ability and reject the stress. To consciously realize that we are creating a new scenario and only this is a carryout of the old. Let it flow, let it pass, and do not dwell. Be present in the moment and honor the energy, and transform it in the here and now.

So, In short, we come here in a sort of connectedness, and are taught (almost systematically,) to disconnect, fear, and depend. When we begin to awaken, and notice the discomfort, dissonance, and "off-ness" about our experience, we begin to make our way back to what we know to be true. We step away from the untruth of what we have become, and we step towards truth...we become whole again. This is a journey. This is a process. We are not ever truly separated, and when we realize that we, in fact, are able to accept our own responsibility and "response-ability" to what the universe presents to us, and that we have had a part in it's creation.... Only then can we realize that we have "response-abilities" in the creation of our future experience, and we can become more whole one step at a time.

Thank you for being here.

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