Hypnotic Birth Meditation

This hypnotic birth relaxation is an example of that which I used during my last 3 weeks of pregnancy in preparation for my natural Water birth. For just the Music and waves version of this video: click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3YLX... The Meditation/Hypnosis example in this video begins at 1:30. These are the thoughts and feelings I used nightly for a few weeks (AFTER 37 WEEKS) every day, along with beautiful song and birth passage way massages, to ease and incorporate the natural process of childbirth into my mind and eliminate fear. Maybe you will find my words helpful to you as well, as you can of course create your own imagery and wording to enjoy . I diffused essential oils (which can be sensitive for some) such as stress away blends and meditative blends, as birthing involves much of the root and grounding chakras, both physically and energetically. Not only did i make sure to nightly enjoy my magnesium calm suggested by my midwife (please always check with yours before presuming any activities I participated in) When I diffused these oils in practice of this relaxation, I found it easier to be consciously re-minded of the ease to relaxation when the baby decided he was to come. I did not practice this to predict my birth experience. I practiced with the intent that no matter the way he presented his energy, I would abide and be present to work with him for his transition to this reality.


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