My Baby Bum Powder

My sweet little baby boy always had such sensitive skin. I am not even sure how I came upon this recipe, but once I used it I never had any reason to look back.

GAH!!! Look at my sweet little old man baby. Gosh he was the cutest! When he was very small little, he had gotten a rash in his diaper area. I recognized it might be a bit yeasty and didn't want to go the Nystatin route with him because I had to use that on one of my other boys and it burned his little bum so bad he would cry when I put it on. I came across some suggestions online and was able to toss together this handy baby bum powder, which doubles as a mosquito bug salve for after bite. We use a base of bentonite clay powder (I've always preferred the Redmond's) and then for a mosquito bite paste we just would add water before we apply. For the whole container of powder, I added:

10 drops frankincense 10 drops lavender

10 drops helichrysum

10 drops tea tree I just close the lid and shake the powder profusely until it is all mixed and use is sparingly. A little of this goes so long for me. We also just used this at any sign of redness in his bum area and it always cleared. I have even used this on candida for adults in the family. It has cleared very quickly.

*Nothing about this personal experience is written to medically treat, or diagnose any medical condition. Please consult your physician if you need advise on how to properly use Essential Oils for specific conditions.

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