So ...What do you do, Exactly?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

"Oh so you're a Massage Therapist?, I have these things in my hand..." She said.

I could tell she was looking at me not really knowing why she would mention that. "The Doctor just tells me they are fine and he has no idea why they are there. And some Urinary Tract infection issues. " To which I replied, "Well of course I'm a massage therapist so I don't diagnose. If I were evaluating that from an Eastern TCM energetic perspective for myself, I might want to visit the meridians that cross through the metacarpals at that point, and that might tell me more about what was happening." "What do you mean? What was that you told me to google?" "Well... There are energy streams that run through the body and when things manifest, if you are aware of the streams, the knowledge can help you pinpoint more of the issue. Like in acupuncture. This is why they choose the points they administer the needles in ... they are well points for the energy streams. The ones that run down the hands have to do with Heart/ Pericardium and Small intestine. It might draw me to relationships and digestive issues, and since you mentioned Kidney infection I would be led also to something that might piss me off."

She paused as if to be in a daze, and mentioned she needed to go to the restroom. When she returned from the rest room, holding the lumps she said... "I think I know what it is. I have children that are not speaking to me right now. " Me: "And Digestive issues?"....

Her: "Yes." Me: "How many children?" Her: "4."

Me: "How many bumps?" Her: "4." (As the energy begins to drain from her face because she is bringing awareness now to feelings she had maybe brushed off. )

You see, Energy flows where attention goes, and it stagnates in places where awareness is not given and it is needed. We need energy to heal ourselves. Not necessarily mental attention, but energy none the less. So What I DO, Essentially, via coaching, energy work, massage therapy, and vibration balancing, is help people to find their dissonance that they can't place, realize where they are, and that they have the power within themselves to create healing and magic in their lives. This is not always a realization consciously. It can be unconscious as well. People harness the power within them that creates worlds. We are inseparable. We just pinch it off. The body heals itself. We are magical. You know, It's really a funny thing, Ignorance.

Even the reaction to the word, as It has a stigma and causes an immediate defense in many people. But Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge or information. Ignorance can keep you from your truth, and keep you in struggle. It can be intentional as well.

But the worst ignorance is just a stubborn refusal to have an open mind. Because it literally stagnates your life. Choose to be open minded and just allow flow. If we don't agree, we can of course let something just be. Arguing for your limitations will only bring limitations.

You see the subconscious mind is designed to keep you safe. Which is why when you are presented with ideas that seem unfamiliar, the first instinct is to shun them. It's a protection tactic.

I'm a Transformation coach and I and asked all the time.... so what is it that you actually do? ...This is it. I help my clients advance through the unfamiliar so there is space to become more than what they have been experiencing. I go with the flow through the unfolding with my clients. Add to the tool belt my extensive knowledge and experience in energy work, massage therapy, hypnosis and just plain old studies, and the conversations get interesting. Add Intuition and watch the serendipity unfold. That's what I do. I remind people that the power to the unfolding, the revelation, and the ease was theirs all along.

ho·lis·tic /hōˈlistik/

adjective PHILOSOPHY characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

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