The Energy Of Forgiveness

It is critical to our newness of energy that we forgive and appreciate the events and experiences in our lives. We have a choice to go forward at every moment, in the energy of kindness and compassion, or the energy of fear.

Many times we feel we cannot forgive someone for something, and if we dig deep enough, we can find that it is fear in disguise. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” -Buddha

The Spirit is freed with forgiveness.

Our natural level of life is love. It is light and hope, not judgment and begrudging. When experiences in our lives take place that make us hold a negative feeling towards someone else in our lives, that negative energy is not only felt by the person that hurt us, it is also felt by ourselves. It is though we are hurting ourselves over and over again by holding onto the one feeling that hurt us in the first place.

One way to begin to forgive someone for something is to find a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for some time. Once you can relax your mind and your body, get into a place in your mind of observation. By this, I mean try to find a place of non-judgment and remove yourself from the memory of the incident or incidents that led up to the pain. One way to do this is to imagine yourself in a movie theater, with a black and white screen in front of you. Watch the incident play out on the screen without judgment. Watch the experience play out before you as if you are not involved. At some time, you will be triggered into the feeling that causes you to hold the grudge in the first place. Once you have the feeling, sit in it for a moment, without judgment. Do not let it envelop you, do not become it’s victim, just sit with it. Acknowledge it. Once you have given validity to the feeling, acknowledge that it helped you feel safe in the moment of the experience, and let it go.

We are not giving a gift of forgiveness to the person whom has hurt us,

we are giving the gift of peace to ourselves.

*If you are having serious trouble with feelings of depression or sadness, I encourages you to seek professional assistance of therapeutic nature.


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