Yoga for Men

OH LOOK! Another "Benefits of Yoga Article" trying to get guys to do Yoga.

Joe Rogan, long time UFC Commentator, Taekwondo & BJJ Black-belt, and Host of the #1 Podcast- Joe Rogan Experience posted on Instagram recently, "Out of all the exercises I do, yoga is the one where after I am done I always think I goota to do more of this shit. 90 minutes of hot yoga does more than workout my body, it purges my mind of stupid thoughts"

Technically, Yes, But... No one is "trying" to get anyone to do anything. If you aren't aware of the major improvements that Yoga can have on your life in so many areas, you are missing out on a natural and freeing practice that can bring only benevolence and healing.

As Jocko Willink will tell you...

Discipline = Freedom. Of course you've got Fog and Smog Productions with their Whole Foods Parking Lot and Yoga Girl Videos, but the Western image of the Yogi is far far fetched from what the true practice of Yoga and all it's limbs (Ashtanga) brings to this experience.

You see, in Western philosophy and teachings, we separate the Whole of the body, mind, and spirit, and then attempt to treat symptoms as they arise for what they are. Opposite, in the Eastern understanding, we cultivate the garden and therefore experience less weeds (Symptoms.) As there is the understanding that health and well being are an integrated culmination of the mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual beings. The word Yoga literally means "Union," and it incorporates all aspects of creation and existence.

Kino McGregor has an AMAZING series right now on Amazon Prime called the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. It is free to stream if you are a Prime Member. In Episode 2, she will first go over the limbs and the principals of the practice of Ashtanga, as there are not simply Asanas or Postures, but there are supporting theories and practices behind it as well, which Kino explains in depth. Trust me, I'm not a celibate vegan myself (not that there is anything wrong with either of those choices,) and these are not commitments one must make to employ the practice of Yoga and experience the benefits.

However, the practice does spill over and elevate many areas of experience.

My purpose here is to perhaps shed some light on the benefits of yoga for men that may not be traditionally explored, and explain the energetic aspect as to why the benefits express themselves.

Truth be told, when you join a Yoga class, You are doing postures with others and not so much focusing on all of the limbs of the practice, but the Breath, the Awareness, and the Body are in the moment and the flow, and that is one of the biggest benefits of yoga.

It is in the repetitive practice which brings us to our awareness and our breath flowing to the body and being. By the time we reach adulthood, we walk around this life 95% of the time in subconscious behaviors. You know what that means? It means that 95% of the time we are acting the way we were programmed to act before the age of 7. SEVEN. It's a scientifically proven FACT. How do we change behaviors and subconscious habit? Practice. Repetitive, daily, practice.

Just like we workout with weights in a routine incorporating chest, back, arms, etc, to cause muscle gains, We can approach our practice of awareness, breath, and flexibility with the same Discipline.

Some major benefits of regular yogic practice include:

Ease of Erectile Dysfunction. Yogic practice has an energetic effect on the body as it brings energy and flow into the root which is in the area of the genitals.

Where attention goes, energy flows. When energy flows, it brings waves of intense energy, when we are subtle enough to feel it, and in some forms of yogic practice, orgasm can even be reached without any form of touch.

(Forgive me for not linking a video here... your curious mind can find that on your own!) Breath also brings energy, which is referred to as Prana in Yoga. The focus on the breath and flow allows the attention to go only there, and off of any restrictive focus we may be unconsciously having that may be preventing sustained erection and the allowance of enjoyment of pleasure.

Libido increase- See above. The same explanation holds true here for masculine and feminine energy.

Appetite increase (if out of balance in a deficit state)

There can be a decrease in hunger metaphorically speaking in many areas of our lives. When you begin to have a spiritual and energetic experience, you realize that what you do in one area of your life, you do in all areas of your life. A decrease in appetite for food, and nourishment is usually directly related to thought patterns and energetic restriction. This can be relieved with awareness and allowing of the flow of energy in all systems.

Appetite decrease (if out of balance in an excess state) Oppositely, There can be an increase in hunger metaphorically speaking in many areas of our lives. When you begin to have a spiritual and energetic experience, you realize that what you do in one area of your life, you do in all areas of your life. An increase in appetite for food, is usually directly related to thought patterns and energetic overindulgence, as there is a hunger that is not being fed somewhere in the experience. This can be relieved with awareness and allowing of the flow of energy in all systems. When the energy is allowed to flow fully to all areas, and there is no pinching off of the awareness, the balance returns.

Weight Loss and or Gain (bringing to perfect balance) see above reasoning.

Anxiety and depression relief- Prana in the body, allowing the relief of blockages and stagnant energies creates a sense of peace and well being. This generally takes us out of fight or flight response, which then also spills over into the other portions of our day, when the focus of breath can remind the body of the ease and relaxation of awareness on the here and now.

Muscle Building - Yoga brings flexibility, oxygen, blood, and tonification to the muscles, as well as the discipline of the body to obey the mind in awareness. The body will literally respond to the instruction of the Subconscious Mind. Cultivating the supporting practice and confidence in clarity will show in the Weight Training or Body Building process as well. Those of the likes of Celebrities, Actors, Bodybuilders, Football Players, Even MMA fighters and Wrestlers engage in Yoga practice. Below is a video of Joe Rogan and Diamond Dallas Page as they discuss the various benefits of Yoga for Men. Joe Rogan happens to love Hot Yoga.

If you are local to the Spring Hill, FL area, may I suggest you try a class over at House of Light Yoga Studio. You will find both female and male instructors there if you have that preference, and wish to ask further questions. Namaste.


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